The story of three childhood friends bound together by their own fears of isolation and their similar need for artistic expression.Chapter 2 - Page 09

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Late again
11 Aug 2007

Sorry, the next page is running a little late. I don't have access to it on this computer, so I can't finish it off and post it yet.
No filler this week though, I'm hoping I don't need a full week to finish it.

posted by paragoned @ 11 Aug 2007  

28 Jul 2007

I don't see how people will actually care about this piece of news, but I'm posting it anyway. This is my comic, so indulge me.
Inspired by local web design expert, Enkida, who decided to validate her webcomic pages, I ventured to do the same.
So subject:A1 is now in valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. If you don't know what that means, just take it to mean that there are less bugs on the page and should work (and look as it should) on the recent versions of popular browsers (Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

What worries me though is I discovered that when I first wrote the code for this layout, I specifically wrote it in HTML 4.01. I can't figure out why though, and now I can't help thinking I've forgotten something quite important.

I'm also not done yet. What, I'm busy. And the rest looks fine... I think. Either way... this main page is validated, and so are the comic pages. I'm sure those are the only places you guys go to anyway.
It's just the archives that are left.

posted by paragoned @ 28 Jul 2007  

I think it's safe to say...
11 Jul 2007

...we're back with regular weekly updates. Although I'm falling a bit behind schedule, I'm hoping to catch up. And if I don't, it won't affect the next page anyway, but possibly the next one.
Anyway, subject:A1 will update every Saturday or Sunday, depending on my schedule that week.

posted by paragoned @ 11 Jul 2007  

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