Chapter 2 - Page 08
Chapter 2 - Page 08
04 Aug 2007
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The Author Says:
paragoned, 04 Aug 2007
paragoned Shiko says words like "smidge..."
...that's character development for ya.



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User Comments:
crow13, 04 Aug 2007


SophosAmoresDraken, 05 Aug 2007


5'd for the evr changing faces of Shiko.
dark-shmingle, 03 Nov 2007


this is mad realy well done the story the art i like your style man this is the bomb its the shiz its the hooter its Grouse
its sick its, its.... okay thats enough cheasy buzz words and being wierd from me
I cant wait for more
Edit: whoops im on me sister account all well now you get a extra fan me and unknowingly her
Hikari Yuki, 02 Jan 2008

Hikari Yuki

I adore your work.
I'll just assume that the 'next' button is currently malfunctioning because there HAS GOT TO BE more. [Idemandit!]

I must say this comic is phenomenal. The dialogue and internal monologues are divine. They are beautiful in composition, especially the monologues. There's something stunningly endearing about the characters, especially Lester. I love him. [Not in that fan-girl, screaming, oh I want to collect your merchandise, and possibly stalk you kind of way.] I think it has much to do with how human he is portrayed, even the opening page for this had tears burning in my chest, welling up behind my eyes like molten lava. Like oxygen to the lungs, so this comic is to my eye, my's like food for my intellect, insight to a wonderful world.

I'm seemingly babbling, but I'm having a hard time expressing how deeply profound I find this work. It's so simple and forward, so transparent and honest that is seems child-like in its innocence.

Perhaps it's the openness of expression. Hahaha...whatever the case it's really stunning and magnificently portrayed. Now I'm going to go nail my hands down to prevent myself from going on.

Ten. (Guest), 23 Mar 2008

Love, love, love, your work. My boyfriend showed me this comic about 5 months ago and I've secretly been waiting for the next chapter. I noticed your last update was coincidently on my last birthday ._. Are there any chances of an update before, if not by, my next birthday? Keep up the great work. Don't ever lose your passion, because you're an amazing artist.

kristine (Guest), 16 Aug 2008
i want more !!!
your comic makes me smile, babe. i just wish there were more of it.

#1 Fan
Goo B. (Guest), 24 Jun 2009

i hope you're secretly working on this and just not updating the site. i wish to see where this comic goes. i can't wait to see what happens.
kristine (Guest), 10 Sep 2009
still waiting
cant wait for more. so excied<3
Ten (Guest), 27 Jul 2010
is it safe to say you'll no longer be continuing this ? :(
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